Datum: 11. Juli 2024
Zeit: 10:00 – 
15:30 Uhr
Ort: online
Referent*in: tbd

From Idea to Pitch

Dies ist ein Online-Workshop der Young Entrepreurs in Science in englischer Sprache.

You have been working on your research for a while, but haven’t figured out how to translate it into a concrete use case? Based on the Design Thinking methodology you will learn what makes a good idea and how to formulate it for testing. In this workshop, you will also develop your pitch storyline and receive feedback from our experts and an interdisciplinary team of peers.

Who we are

Young Entrepreneurs in Science is an interactive workshop programme for PhDs and postdocs to help you ignite your entrepreneurial spirit! Together with your peers, you will learn methods and skills to realise your innovative potential.
Admission is free and no previous knowledge is required.

Workshop Goals

  • Learn different brainstorming methods and test them
  • Generate, evaluate and select ideas
  • Develop your own pitch with convincing a storyline
  • Practise your presentation skills in front of an audience and receive feedback


Mail us: workshops@falling-walls.com
or visit https://youngentrepreneursinscience.com

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