Datum: 10. November 2022
Zeit: 09:00 – 
12:45 Uhr
Ort: Campus Saarbrücken, Building E1 5
Referent*in: Dr. Florian Kirschenhofer, Dr. Mara Schuler-Bermann

From Research to Market

The event will be held in english.

Founding a startup after graduation – whether Master, PhD or even during your Postdoc time – can be a great opportunity to bring your research into the society as well as to independently work in the field of your interest.
But you could also give others the opportunity to use your research results by licencing. Research transfer can have many facettes. And for Profit research is not as evil as it sounds.

Two of the main questions are usually asked: How do I start and how do I finance my startup?

Max Planck Innovation and the Saarland University Startup Center will not only answer these two questions but also give you insights about the possibilities of research transfer.

Join our Event on November 10, 2022 at 09.00h. Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, Campus Saarbrücken, Building E1 5.

Session 1

09:00 h Welcome & Introduction
10:10 h From Science to Startup: What are the general conditions and how to deal with the Intellectual Property? (Speaker: Dr. Florian Kirschenhofer)
10:25 h Public Funding is great opportunity to finance your start as Entrepreneur – but which funding is the best for which idea? (Speaker: Dr. Mara Schuler-Bermann)
10:45 h The IT-Incubator: Funding and know-how to develop and drive technology-based business models (Speaker: Chris Dorsey)
11:00h Theory & Practice: The Story of the Science Spinoff „Elexir“ (Dr. Stefan Nürnberger)
11:15 h Q&A
11:30 h End of Session 1

Session 2:

11:40 h Workshop I
(A) Startup Support by Max-Planck-Innovation.
(B) Incubation Programm MAX!mize.
(C) Scouting & coaching by Max-Planck-Förderstiftung.
(D) Q&A

11:40 h Workshop II
(A) Startup Support by Saarland University
(B) Funding your Startup Idea
(C) How to start your Journey
(D) Q&A

12:45 h End of Session II (Workshops)

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